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  • Runner's World - Yoga For Runners

    4 videos  |   Buy $12.99

    Let world-class yoga instructor and two-time Boston finisher Rebecca Pacheco show you how to run your way to a faster PR with all the benefits of yoga!

    -This 2-disc DVD includes 4 workouts to help you run your best by increasing flexibility, building strength and speed, and becoming more balance...

  • Men's Health - Superhero Shred

    10 videos  |   Buy $21.95

    Build strength and transform your body! Don Saladino has sculpted some of the best superhero bodies in Hollywood. Now he’s bringing his effective training methods to your home.

    -Includes a 2-disc DVD set with five 30-minute workouts that help you demolish fat, get chiseled, and build your best b...

  • Prevention - Fit After 40

    5 videos  |   Buy $14.99

    Get a toned body — in your 40’s, 50’s, and beyond! Natalie Jill shows you how to put your body in fat-burning mode with her age-proof fitness formula.

    -This DVD includes five 15-Minute workouts you can do right at home without any equipment.
    -The 8-week training plan calendar shows you exactly h...

  • Prevention - Fit in 10

    13 videos  |   Buy $14.99

    Finally — a weight loss plan that fits in your busy schedule! Lose weight and sculpt your body with easy strength-training moves designed to transform your body in just 10 minutes a day!

    -Includes easy exercises that will kick-start fat burn, speed-tone your body, flatten your belly and help re...