• Easy Healing Stretches

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  • 10-Minute Pilates

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    Stretch, strengthen, and lengthen with these Pilates fusion workouts!

  • Fit In 10
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    Fit In 10

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    FIT IN 10 is so effective because it's scientifically designed to burn calories fast, boost your metabolism and get you moving every single day. You'll be amazed at the huge difference 10 minutes can make. Each routine targets a specific zone: upper body, lower body, belly, or total body. And you...

  • Tone Up in 15

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    Larysa DiDio has helped thousands of women and celebrities transform their bodies with her quick but effective fitness style. Do super fun barre, dance, pilates, boxing, and strength-training sessions in just 15 minutes. They're long enough to maximize results, but short enough that you're done b...

  • Easy Yoga
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    Easy Yoga

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    Yoga instructor Amy Ippoliti designed the ultimate beginner-friendly yoga program to help you shed pounds, promote flexiblity, and get toned from head to toe. These simple sequences work for every body! Plus, find guided meditation to calm frazzled nerves.

  • With Yoga
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    With Yoga

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    Led by award-winning instructor Rebecca Pacheco, With Yoga is your at-home fitness fix for mind and body bliss. Each flow has a unique twist that you can enjoy whether you're new to yoga, or have been practicing for years. Focus on strengthing and stretching, or try the five-minute meditation for...

  • Fit After 40

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    Prevention's FIT AFTER 40 is made specifically to fight the body struggles that people over 40 face. Fitness expert Natalie Jill designed these quick 15-minute workouts to fire up your metabolism and sculpt slim, toned arms and thighs.