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Men's Health

  • 20-Minute Kettlebell Muscle

    4 items

    Four 20-minute kettlebell workouts that build muscle, hone mobility, and blast fat from Percell Duggar, who trained actor Winston Duke for Black Panther 2.

  • Killer Core in 15

    4 items

    A fun, fast-paced 5-workout core program to build critical ab muscle with functional moves.

  • Summer Strength Challenge

    5 items

    Your ultimate anytime-anywhere, all-bodyweight program to build strength and muscle and blast calories.

  • 20-Minute Metcon

    5 items

    From Men’s Health’s Next Top Trainer Jah Washington, this 20-Minute Metcon program includes 5 intense bodyweight workouts guaranteed to get your heart rate up, get you sweating, and build muscle all at the same time. These workouts are fast paced so grab your water, grab a towel, and let's get to...

  • 20-Minute Muscle

    5 items

    Build total-body muscle and strength with a single set of dumbbells in these 20-minute supersets-and-circuit workouts from functional fitness expert Mat Forzaglia.

  • Daily Mobility

    7 items

    Join Dan Giordano, licensed physical therapist and CSCS, for this mobility series that can be effective standalone or added to any workout.. He’ll take you through upper body mobility, lower body mobility, full body mobility, a dynamic warm up, and the proper way to foam roll. Adding these mobili...

  • Kettlehell

    13 items

    Shred your entire body with one kettlebell! Choose from 12 circuits led by Eric Leija. Every single one will make you sweat like crazy, hit multiple muscle groups, and improve your athleticism.

  • Superhero Shred

    11 items

    Don Saladino is one of the most in-demand and respected trainers in the business. He's known for helping actors transform their bodies for superhero roles. Now, it’s your turn. Don's 30-minute workouts pack strength and athletic drills in one to reveal a physique fit for Hollywood. Every session ...

  • 7-Minute Blitz

    11 items

    Make the most of the time you have with these seven-minute, high-intensity circuit training workouts from Men’s Health Next Top Fitness Trainer Jah Washington. Studies show that seven minutes is all you need to make gains -- all you have to do is go all out.

  • All Out HIIT

    7 items

    You won’t get results without pushing yourself. That's what HIGH POWER HIIT is all about! You’ll use 15-minute high-intensity interval training workouts to get an intense cardio conditioning and strength workout in one. Gerren Liles — one of the most motivating trainers on the planet — will help ...

  • Total-Body Blitz

    4 items

    Erik Bartell, certified personal trainer and conditioning coach, delivers four sweat-inducing workouts in this total-body program. Erik combines a military background with his fitness chops to elevate your strength and conditioning to new levels. You'll use a set of dumbbells in each workout.

  • Kettlebell Foundation

    3 items

    Discover the foundation for your weekly fitness with these push-pull-lower body workouts from certified personal trainer Kurt Ellis. Kurt helps you build foundational strength while improving your conditioning and power with just two kettlebells.

  • Epic Abs

    5 items

    When you strengthen your core, it impacts every workout you do. Men's Health Fitness Director Eb Samuel is taking you through 5 of his favorite ab workouts in this Epic Abs series. These exercises go far beyond crunches. Conditioning, full body, and mobility workouts will all tighten your abs and...

  • The Freeman Method

    5 items

    It's time to put your kettlebell to work! David Freeman, your expert trainer and creator of The Freeman Method, has the formula for more strength and more sweat using just one kettlebell. These five kettlebell and bodyweight routines use strategic work-to-rest ratios, HIIT, fun AMRAP workouts, an...

  • All Out Arms

    9 items

    From Men's Health Fitness Director Eb Samuel, All Out Arms includes a total of 9 arm-centric programs that you can mix and match or stack together for more challenging sessions. Three 30-minute anchor give you the perfect foundation to blast your biceps, triceps, and forearms. Use the supersets o...

  • New Rules of Muscle

    6 items

    If you're a hardgainer or aren't getting the explosive muscle growth you want, you'll need to break some rules. This program features a mix of the best lifting techniques for your body. Designed by the Men's Health Fitness Director, this program shocks your biceps, abs, and back in a completely n...

  • 6-Week Sweat Off

    11 items

    Sean Garner's 6-week plan for getting strong and lean in 30 minutes a day.

  • Form Check

    10 items

    Are you doing that exercise right? Let's find out! From Men's Health's Fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., we bring you Form Check. Eb will take you through the proper form for spilt squats, bodyweight exercises, building your back muscles, and so much more. It's the perfect addition to a...

  • Anarchy 10

    4 items

    Part of the ANARCHY series by Andy Speer, these brief but intense sessions combine isometrics, tempo variation, and plyometrics. Each workout targets a specific zone: Glutes & Hamstrings, Shoulders, Quads & Calves, and Chest & Back. Choose your goal and get it done in 10 minutes!

  • Eb & Swole

    10 items

    Join Men's Health Fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., as he shares his best workouts to help you hit and hone multiple muscle groups. This program is short and sweet, designed to help you work on form and add some intense exercises to any of your workouts.

  • Muscle After 40

    10 items

    To pack on serious muscle as you get older, you need a new approach. It's time to stop punishing your body with workouts that make you dream about eating a bowl of painkillers for breakfast. Muscle After 40 workouts can help you build the muscle you've always wanted—at any age. Fitness expert Dav...

  • The 21-Day MetaShred

    10 items

    The 21-Day MetaShred is a fitness system that’s scientifically designed to make every single minute of your workout more effective. The secret: a cutting-edge method called “high-intensity metabolic cycling.” In each 30-minute workout, BJ Gaddour, CSCS, not only varies the exercise selection, ord...

  • Burner
    9 items


    9 items

    For your busy days, these 10-minute circuits will do the trick. Men's Health asked two top trainers to create challenging workouts that help you get strength and conditioning benefits in less time.

  • Anarchy Arms

    3 items

    Part of the ANARCHY series by Andy Speer, you'll crush your arms with workouts designed specifically for your biceps or triceps. So when you want to get an arm pump, you know exactly where to go.